Little Blessings Nursery School STAFF

Our staff is sensitive to your child’s needs, supporting his/her various stages of development, and ensuring their health and safety within our centre.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

Mrs Whitley

Mrs. Whitley

Supervisor and Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE)

Mrs. Whitley has two important jobs at Little Blessings Nursery School as both Supervisor and our Preschool Room 2 RECE teacher. After graduating in 2012, Mrs. Whitley has been working as an RECE for the past 8 years in a variety of early childcare settings and began her role as a supervisor at Little Blessings Nursery School in 2017. Mrs. Whitley has a thirst for new knowledge and is actively involved in continuous learning within the field of early education.

Mrs. Whitley strongly believes in teaching children to be kind and caring to one another and is therefore very caring and loving in all of her work. In addition to all the care, she provides within the program, Mrs. Whitley works hard to keep our school running smoothly. Perhaps most importantly, she makes sure all the needs of the children, their families and our staff are met.

When Mrs. Whitley isn’t at Little Blessings Nursery School, she is busy with her two young children at home and really enjoys playing at the parks and swimming.  As a retired Reservist Musician, Mrs. Whitley also enjoys playing the clarinet, which she has been playing for 13 years.

Ms Mandi

Ms. Mandi

Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE)

Ms. Mandi is our beloved Preschool 1 room RECE teacher. Determined to be a teacher from a very young age, Ms. Mandi majored in Early Childhood Education at Concordia University and went on to complete a professional certificate in Special Education.

Ms. Mandi has worked in Early Childhood Education for more than 10 years in a variety of teaching environments and continues to love what she does every day. She enjoys playing games, singing, and giving every child the love and affection they need to learn and grow.

When she is not at Little Blessings Nursery School, you can find Ms. Mandi reading or running outdoors, as it is her goal to complete another Marathon race.

Ms. Jensen

Educational Assistant (EA) and Child and Youth Worker (CYW)

Ms. Jensen is one of our exceptional Educational Assistants that work in Preschool Room 1. She assists in ensuring all children are supported with everything they need in order to learn and is always willing to lend a hand wherever she is needed. Previously the owner of a home daycare, and provider of before and aftercare, she has over 12 years experience in childcare. As a current Children’s Program Director at a local church, Ms. Jensen enjoys sharing her knowledge in teaching Children’s Ministry within our program.

Ms. Jensen is very passionate about teaching children and their families with a kind and inclusive approach. She is a firm believer in providing a caring, loving and joyful environment where children can thrive and develop with confidence. When she is not in the program, Ms. Jensen can be found spending time with her family and loved ones.

Mrs. Molnar

Educational Assistant (EA)

Mrs. Molnar is one of our wonderful Educational Assistants in Preschool Room 1. She helps with the programming, organizing the classroom and ensuring the children are greeted with a warm and friendly smile at the start of each day. Mrs. Molnar began her work at Little Blessings in 2015 as a supply teacher and quickly obtained the role of an Educational Assistant, a role she has excelled in for the last 5 years.

Formerly an owner of a dance studio where she taught dance to children of all ages and abilities, Mrs. Molnar demonstrates a passion for teaching and helping children learn. Mrs. Molnar is a valued member of the team and loves helping children gain confidence, learn new things, and achieve their goals. When she is not in the program, you can find her biking, running, and playing outside with her two children.

Ms. Sudar

Educational Assistant (EA)

Ms. Sudar is one of our cherished Educational Assistants from Preschool Room 2. She offers her assistance in daily classroom activities, programming, and creating a learning environment that meets the needs of all learners. Ms. Sudar has worked as an EA with Little Blessing Nursery School for the past 12 years. As an eager and passionate learner, Ms. Sudar is currently completing coursework at Durham College to further strengthen her knowledge in early learning and childhood development.

Ms. Sudar strives in supporting all children of all abilities. She firmly believes in the importance of children feeling equally valued, safe, and cared for when they are away from home. Ms. Sudar is a valued member of our team and has a very warm and gentle approach when working with the children. Ms. Sudar has raised 3 children of her own and looks forward to one day becoming a grandma, but until then she feels blessed to be surrounded by children she can teach and care for every day.

Ms. Eva

Educational Assistant (EA)

Mrs. Eva is a resource teacher at Little Blessings Nursery School and a key team player when it comes to helping our daily program run smoothly.  She is very caring and enjoys watching all the children learn new skills and reach new milestones during their time at Little Blessings.

Mrs. Eva firmly believes that children are entitled to an enriched education that meets their individual needs. Understanding that every child is different, Mrs. Eva treats every child with the utmost respect and kindness as she explores creative ways to support their early learning.

“Everything they become, I also become. And everything about me, they helped to create.” – Esme Raji Codell